Wednesday, May 30, 2012

She is 2!

 Here is the birthday girl.  
 Looking at Ryan singing "Happy Birthday" look how she adores him.
 Now that is cake!

Elysse will always share her birthday with two other important events for our family.  
(1) Zachary's birthday 10 years earlier and (2) Audrey's last hospitalized chemo.  

This is a scary birthday for me.  Audrey was diagnosed with a rhabdoid tumor only one month after her second birthday.  I know, she is a different girl - but for me, the feelings are still there.  


Christi said...

It is the memories you cherish....not the house...well maybe a little the house...but the memories are what make you emotional, I am sure of it! You had a lot of major things happen in your life while you lived there, I would be emotional as well.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It is hard to believe Elysse is two already! said...

I've always believed that you were supposed to be in Asheville during Audrey's ordeal. So many miracles occured at that time. Elysse is one of them. Yaay for the big girl!