Wednesday, May 30, 2012

95 Driftstone Circle

It is official our home now belongs to a new family.  We officially closed today.  All documents are recorded and all funds have been transferred.

I know I should be grateful we were able to sell our home in a down real estate market - especially how quickly we were able to sell it, despite the fact that we lost a ton of money in the sale.  The fact remains, that was my house.  We built memories there.  We expected to stay.  That was our forever house.

Normally I would post pictures of the house with this entry.  However, I can't stand to look at the pictures.  This past Sunday, while in church, Ryan was flipping through pictures on his phone.  He stopped on a picture of Audrey's fourth birthday - she sat in front of a fun cake decorated in light blue and green frosting (favorite colors) adorned with chocolate animals - in my dining room.  It hit me, just like that - it doesn't belong to me anymore, I burst into tears.  I tried to stop.  I really tried to stop but couldn't - so there I sat in church, balling my eyes out because I saw a picture of a family memory recorded in our home - that no longer belongs to us.

I am so thankful to be in Florida.  I love it here.  We are making friends and we will look into buying a house in the next year.  I just need to mourn.

Perhaps this will seem completely ludicrous to some, it is only a house.  But to me it wasn't - we chose that house because we expected to be in it forever.  As a mom that stays at home, that home became, in large part, my identity.

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About my "second" thought when we heard you would be moving was about your house. It's a beautiful place with outstanding views from the back windows. I know you love it, so do I. It still makes me sad to think about, except.....Now you're closer to us (my selfish care) and I know you'll make new memories - bigger and better in Florida!