Sunday, September 18, 2011

Church Drama

Being Audrey's primary teacher has been a good thing but it has also been challenging. In a few short weeks I will begin teaching an older class - 8 year olds. Every Sunday there is an entire program for the children complete with prayers, scriptures, talks, lessons, music, etc. Audrey always looks forward to participating. To say the least, she is exuberant. She had already given the scripture today and was called up to assist with hand motions during a song. We were then onto lesson time and children's names were being pulled from a jar for participation. Audrey raised her hand and declared, "If you don't call on me I will have a heart attack!"

September 2011 scans

Audrey underwent another set of scans (MRI and CT) and everything came back good. The tumor bed looks clear and all is well.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today in Church

I arrived at church approximately 15 minutes before services began today. Ryan was out picking up someone to bring to church so I was by myself with our darling children. Audrey and Nathan were playing around and getting louder so I was forced to separate them. In doing so my attention was taken by the fact that Nathan had his shoes on the wrong feet. I informed him that they were not on the correct feet. He quickly switched them around. I looked to confirm all was right...but, there they were again, on the wrong feet. I brought his attention to it once again. "But Mom I just switched them like you said," Nathan mumbled. Upon closer inspection, it was true. He had switched his shoes; unfortunately, it did him little good as he was wearing two left shoes of different size. Here is the kicker, I brought him his shoes to put on this morning.

During the children's class the missionaries came to visit and various children were called up to pick a question off the board and ask the missionary of their choice. Luckily Audrey's name was drawn. She quickly went to the front, grabbed a question (because she cannot yet read the question was read to her in her ear) and chose the missionary she wanted to ask. "What is your favorite meal?" Audrey inquired. The primary teacher laughed as Audrey did not ask the question that she read to her, she just went ahead and asked a question she was curious about!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Over Labor Day weekend we took a trip to Cincinnati and met my brother, Chad, and his wife, Sarah. On Saturday we went to the Cincinnati Zoo - which was wonderful, probably the best zoo I have been to. It reached 100 degrees that day! The next day we went to the Newport Aquarium. It was a great aquarium, we just happened to do on the BUSIEST day of the entire year. We stayed in Florence, KY. We had a great hotel with an indoor pool. It was hard to end our vacation, it was a great time.

At the end of our trip Nathan announced that when he is older he wants to have two homes far away from one another. He would like one in Cincinnati and one in Waikiki. (I think he just likes Vacation and never wants it to end!)

School Days

Audrey began school in late August at Nativity Lutheran Preschool. Her teachers are Miss Emily and Miss Riannon.
Audrey and Miss Riannon

One evening at dinner Ryan asked Audrey about school. She loves to share what she does at school. He then asked Audrey who she talked to at school - her response: "random people." He then asked who taught her to say that - her response: "Dad, I just knew it. I taught myself."

Nathan started 1st Grade at Avery's Creek Elementary.
His teacher is Miss Pearson and Mrs. Heart.

Nathan with Miss Pearson

While talking to grandparents Nathan was asked what he learned at school - his response: "I don't learn anything new at school. We are just doing kindergarten stuff and I know it all."

This week Nathan has a project to make a doll of himself as an adult looking as he will in his chosen occupation. Nathan has quite the career path ahead of him as he claims that he would like to have 11 different jobs. Audrey was listing to the conversation and said that she would like to work with animals when she is older. I said that she could be a zoologist. She agreed and then said that she would also like to be an aquariumologist.