Monday, October 28, 2013

The Busy Life

Life has become increasingly more BUSY!  This is our normal week - - -
Monday, Girl Scouts
Tuesday, Cub Scouts
Wednesday, Young Women (my current calling at church)
Thursday, Piano
Friday, one day with out a definitive plan!

This past week included all of the above and a church fall party that I helped to organize, set up and take down on Friday.  Saturday was a Girl Scout trip to Olde Naples Chocolate.  Saturday evening we had a babysitter so Ryan and I could go out with friends - fun but still included planning and preparation.  Sunday Audrey spiked a fever at church and we came home early, Ryan's dad and sister came down and spent the rest of the day with us.

Today is Monday and we are starting over again.  Tonight is my first time to present the lesson/activity as co-leader in Girl Scouts.  Tomorrow we turn in Nathan's Cub Scout popcorn order!  Wednesday is mini golfing with the YW.  Thursday is piano - Nathan really needs to practice.  Oh and Halloween falls on Thursday.  Kids have early release from school on Friday and we also have student led conferences on Friday afternoon.  I could keep going but I'll stop.

Life with three kids is busy but I'm not complaining.  I am so grateful to be able to be home with the kids.  There are many families that have to have both parents working full time just to make it.  I am fortunate that at this stage of life I have the blessing to be able to stay home.