Wednesday, May 30, 2012

95 Driftstone Circle

It is official our home now belongs to a new family.  We officially closed today.  All documents are recorded and all funds have been transferred.

I know I should be grateful we were able to sell our home in a down real estate market - especially how quickly we were able to sell it, despite the fact that we lost a ton of money in the sale.  The fact remains, that was my house.  We built memories there.  We expected to stay.  That was our forever house.

Normally I would post pictures of the house with this entry.  However, I can't stand to look at the pictures.  This past Sunday, while in church, Ryan was flipping through pictures on his phone.  He stopped on a picture of Audrey's fourth birthday - she sat in front of a fun cake decorated in light blue and green frosting (favorite colors) adorned with chocolate animals - in my dining room.  It hit me, just like that - it doesn't belong to me anymore, I burst into tears.  I tried to stop.  I really tried to stop but couldn't - so there I sat in church, balling my eyes out because I saw a picture of a family memory recorded in our home - that no longer belongs to us.

I am so thankful to be in Florida.  I love it here.  We are making friends and we will look into buying a house in the next year.  I just need to mourn.

Perhaps this will seem completely ludicrous to some, it is only a house.  But to me it wasn't - we chose that house because we expected to be in it forever.  As a mom that stays at home, that home became, in large part, my identity.

She is 2!

 Here is the birthday girl.  
 Looking at Ryan singing "Happy Birthday" look how she adores him.
 Now that is cake!

Elysse will always share her birthday with two other important events for our family.  
(1) Zachary's birthday 10 years earlier and (2) Audrey's last hospitalized chemo.  

This is a scary birthday for me.  Audrey was diagnosed with a rhabdoid tumor only one month after her second birthday.  I know, she is a different girl - but for me, the feelings are still there.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sisterly Love

It has taken awhile to get to this point.  
 But sometimes when Nathan is away...

Elysse is "Little Mommy" and she tries to do everything she sees me do.

Lunch at the Round Table

 Audrey is not very good at entertaining herself.  She misses Nathan the ENTIRE time he is away from home.  The other day she surprised me and came up with a project all her own.  It was very organized and detailed and in the end she decided to have lunch in the middle of it all! 
 Elysse enjoyed it too.

Contract Law

Lets face it, my children are never idle.  Before church they decided they wanted to build a fort.  We discussed that the fort would need to be cleaned up after church so we could prepare lunch (fort was covered table in kitchen area).  They agreed.
Pic taken in the beginning before half of the toys from playroom were also under the table

When we came home from church it went as expected.  "Never mind I am not hungry."  Thinking if they weren't going to eat it would not need to be cleaned up.  

So, we had a discussion on Contract Law.  It was explained that what we formed earlier that morning was a verbal contract.  Grantor side of the contract (parents) allowed children to build a fort under the pretense that Grantee side of contract (children) would clean up after church.  In contracts both sides make promises to one another.  Grantee must repay Grantor for generosity (in this case).  If one side does not follow through on the contract the contract is broken and the party which breaks the contract must face consequences.  

Believe it or not they actually got it!  Now we discuss contracts and check to see if the kids really want to enter into a verbal contract - thinking of moving to actual written contracts for Nathan...

When we were finishing the cleaning a comment was made stating that if we truly work at it it only takes a short time - much faster than complaining and dragging it out.  Audrey then declared, "Don't blame it on me, blame it on the contract!"  Love that girl.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All Caught Up

Okay I am now all caught up on my posts.  Can you tell I have been posting a lot more lately?  Living in Florida has given our family many changes that make it easier for me to blog.  #1  The computer is actually set up so I can use it whenever I want and it is so much easier (I will have to take a picture).  #2  Ryan works so much later so I keep myself busy on the computer after dinner (sometimes before too). By the way I have decided I am going to do pinterest (because of Ryan's schedule and being alone so much) but it said I have to wait for an invitation - and it has been 24 hours and no invitation, what is the deal?  #3 The house is set up - by the end of the weekend we will even be able to put both cars in the garage!  That is a great accomplishment for a Florida house.  (I was priding myself on the fact that we were getting close and my neighbor said he has been here for five years and he doesn't even have one car in the garage).

After I get the exercise room set up I guess I will not have an excuse to not use it and see some results.....

By the way, I am not complaining about Ryan's schedule.  Yes he works really long days which leaves me home with the kids for LONG days but he is happy when he comes home.  He works hard.  He has work to do and that means job security for our family.  It is a very good thing.

Older Post #7 Linville Caverns

When I decided we were moving early we had to choose from our list of North Carolina things to do before we moved we decided to trade Chimney Rock (which we have experienced many times) for Linville Caverns to try something new!  
 This is the largest stalactite in the cavern.
 The history of Linville Caverns is very fascinating, you should look it up.

 This is my first time in a cave - it was a great experience.  

Older Post #6 Honey

This is a picture of Honey.  Often we would have a bird sit above the entry door.  I don't know if it was the same bird or a different bird - Audrey affectionately named the bird Honey.  (She gets naming this from me - there is a post about it somewhere.)

Older Post #5 Filling the Napkin Drawer

This is Elysse being helpful

when she sees a job that needs to be done, she will find a way to do it.

Older Post #4 Soccer

When Nathan came to us and said he wanted to join soccer we were in shock.  Nathan has never liked sports, almost to the point of despising anything that involves a ball.  So we were supportive and even braced ourselves for what if he wants to quit before the season is over...
 Nathan with his team.  They would sit like this after each game to award players for good sportsmanship, being Christlike, offense stars and defense stars.  I was very happy with the Upward sports program through Biltmore Baptist Church.  It was a quality program and supported and reflected our relationship with Heavenly Father throughout each game and practice.  Often we talk about "living our religion" this program is a great example of that.  

Due to the move Nathan was not able to finish out the season but he had a great time and I believe when he has the chance he will be willing to sign up for soccer or possibly another sport.

Older Post #3 Magic Tree House

Nathan has discovered the wonder of Magic Tree House books.  They wanted to have a picnic in their "Magic Tree House."  I thought it was a great idea and a great way to say goodbye to our backyard.  (Tear)

Older Post #2 So Big

I saw this picture and thought it shows just how big Elysse is getting.  She will be 2 on the 28th of May!

Older Post #1 Food Race

After our spring break trip to Florida Nathan had an idea that he would make a food race maze.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  He decided to draw a detailed blueprint.  After he present it to me, I couldn't say no.  So we made the food maze.  I think it was supposed to represent all of the climates on earth.  Water - ocean, cup with ketchup - volcano, oatmeal - dessert, ice - arctic, cheese twists - twisters, cheese-its - fire...I think we are missing some sort of tropical climate...

Oh and I think this is the best picture I have to show off the granite counter tops we put in the house to sell it...  We are suppose to close on May 31st, fingers crossed...

Quote of the Day

Audrey: "I want to have a pet bird, to see how it poops"


It is a good thing that when I read over my own posts I can't help but smile and laugh, right?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All Babies Are Cute

Today Orkin came over to treat the house.  While arranging the garage Ryan and I were moving left over tile from a home renovation from the corner of the garage to a shelf off the floor.  In doing this project we uncovered a family of cockroaches.  We were both very squeamish and freaked out.  We have only seen them in the garage and only in this one section as the cardboard around the tile was a bit wet and provided a perfect nesting place.  And let me tell you, the big one was the BIGGEST darn cockroach I have ever seen.  It had to have been at least two and a half inches long!

Okay, now that I have your skin crawling, on to the rest of the story...

So the Orkin man is here and I am telling him about the garage situation.  He heads off to the garage and Audrey is going crazy, talking over me, trying to get out the door, screaming her head off - I had to tackle her.  She was upset and ran off so I finished talking to the Orkin man and then went to find her.  She was balling.

"Mom, if you kill the parents then the babies will be all by themselves."  Audrey, we are going to get rid of them all, not just the parents.  (Audrey completely hysterical) "But Mom, they are just babies and they need to have a good life."  Audrey cockroaches do not belong in homes with people.  They can live in the Everglades there is plenty of room there.  "But Mom, all babies are cute even baby cockroaches, we can't kill them."

Nathan arrives home, Audrey tells him the travesty of the cockroach extermination.  Nathan wants to know, "but they left the worms alone, right?"


Say My Name, Say My Name

Today I was putting away all of the laundry I did yesterday (yup, there was that much).  Throughout the process I would find that I had accidentally mixed up an article or two of clothing in everyone's piles.  I would hand the article to Elysse and state which room it should be brought to and she would diligently place it in the room where it belonged.  While in Audrey's room Elysse kept taking items that I already had on hangers and would state loudly "cease."  Surely my almost two-year-old wasn't telling me to stop hanging up clothing, right? After several more times of "cease" I told her I simply did not understand what she was saying to me.

Then it dawned on me...

She would hold up the hanger and ask "Seeysse?"  She wanted to know if the shirt belonged to her and it was the first time I heard her say her own name.  Instead of hearing Elysse she would say "Seeysse" (sounds like cease).

Save the Manatees

Mom, I have an idea to save the manatees - we will sneak down to the water and take off boat propellers.

Glad he is so proactive.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Adventure

Today's adventure, paying a locksmith to get Audrey out of the home office she locked herself in...

She was trying to get away from Elysse because Elysse wouldn't stop touching the iPad.  She had just had lunch and went potty before locking herself in there plus she has movies on the iPad so she wasn't worried.  In fact, when I would have her come to the door to try and unlock it she did try but couldn't wait to get back to the movies.

Mother's Day

First I must say that being together is the best Mother's Day gift I could have ever received.  The thought of being apart on Mother's Day made me cringe (though part of me thought it should get me some REALLY good gifts).

On Saturday we went to the neighborhood pool for the first time.  We played for two hours and met some friends there.  It was great.  I love this neighborhood!  On our walk back home I asked Ryan if he needed to go out with the kids to do some Mother's Day shopping.  When we arrived back he decided he would take the kids out to do a bit of shopping.  When they came home we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.

I woke up a bit later than everyone else on Sunday morning.  Well, maybe I was up before some of them but I didn't roll out of bed until they were awake.  There were cards and gifts on the table for me.  Nathan's card was priceless...I will type it here.

Dear mom,
I am glad this happy day is here.
I will not tell secrets to Audrey.  I will
clean up my own mess and not complain.  I love
you on this happy day and evrey day.  Can I 
drive to cherch today?  Can we go for a nacher walk
today?  Can I cook today?  Do you like this speshal day
? From Nathan,

Nathan did make toast for me.  We decided he could only drive 25 mph to church and we would drive back.  We did not take the nature walk but will probably do that this coming Saturday.  

This was also my first Sunday at our new church branch.  It was nice to finally be here and start putting faces together with names.  Ryan and I were also interviewed by a member of the branch presidency and I was given a calling as Primary President.  Way to welcome me to the branch, hey.

I will be posting some older posts before too long and pictures.  We have been here for one week and almost everything is set up.  I still have to go through the garage so we can fit both vehicles in there but that should be done in the next week or two.  Today is laundry day.  And I should also clean the kids toilet as Nathan is pretty gross and it is different now that he has to share with the girls...

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Okay so I do not Twitter but If I did it would say - in Forsyth, GA have Ryan - on our way to our new home!