Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cute Girls

 Elysse let me do her hair!
Audrey thought she should get a picture too.  
She always lets me round brush her hair.  

Elysse's 3rd Birthday

In our typical style, Elysse has been partying for a week.  Happy 3rd Birthday Elysse!

Homemade Birthday Hat

Brand new fish from Grandma Karen

Tricycle from Grandma Beadle

Second Birthday Cake

Friend Colby that came to play on the day before her birthday.

After cooking the koala they decided to put their heads in.

Elysse trying out her new grill from Aunt Sandy.

First Sleepover

Here it is, the long awaited first sleepover.  Nathan (and Audrey) had two friends Austin and Logan Hamisch spend the night.  The boys slept in our king bed and Ryan and I slept in Nathan's queen bed.  I ended up going to bed around 11.  Ryan put the boys in bed a little after midnight - I woke up around 1:00 a.m. and Ryan was not there so I went to check for him and he was sitting in the dark house waiting for the boys to go to sleep (they were still whispering in bed).  Eventually he gave up and let them keep whispering.

The boys played a lot, went outside, had dinner, snacks, movies, computer time, more snacks...  I only took pictures of the movie time.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Second Gradeitis??

Well, I didn't know this particular epidemic existed - but I am here to tell you it is real.  You may have heard of senioritis, you may have even experienced it; but, second gradeitis is just as intense.  It starts about three weeks before the end of the school year.  The talk centers around summer, our hopes, our dreams, our plans, etc.  By the next week the talk intensifies and mom even begins to show signs of second gradeitis.  Mom starts wondering why the teacher is sending home homework and still demanding the planner be signed - after all, there is only two weeks left of school!  Then other parents start to fall in the trap and before you know it sleepovers are granted - what, before school is even out?  The harsh rule of taking a minimum of three showers per week is relaxed and some nights swimming replaces a shower.  I'll tell you, we have it bad - not sure who is worse, mom or Nathan....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rule Breaker

Elysse was watching a video in the living room yesterday.  I was clipping coupons and sending emails for Primary.  She asked for a snack.  I told her I would get it in a minute.  To that she responded, can you go take a shower?  It only took me a second to figure out what she was trying to do...if I were to go take a shower she would take her snacks to the couch and eat them in the living room - something she isn't allowed to do under my watchful eye!  What a stinker!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


This week Elysse was sitting on my bathroom counter while I brushed her wet hair.  She told me that she wanted to get Daddy new shoes for a present.  I confirmed with her that it was shoes that she wanted to get for him because she wasn't completely clear.  She said, "Yes, I want to get Daddy new shoes and I you get one stinky shoe to smell on your nose."

As we prepared to go to the neighborhood pool I reminded Elysse that we do not poop in the pool.  She agreed that pooping in the pool is not a good choice.  When we arrived home from our swim Elysse proudly stated that she did not poop in the pool.  Then she went on to say, "I went pee on the steps and then jumped in."

Thank you my sweet Elysse for those gifts.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Creative Writing (From a 2nd grade boy)

This essay came home today.  Sometimes I wonder if Nathan's teacher is amused by his stories in the same way I am.

Have you ever had a day when you thought rattle snakes were attacking your throat?  Well I have.  One morning I woke up with a weird feeling.  "Hello," I said testing my voice.  My voice was low and scratchy.

I walked out of the office at my grandparents to look for my mom.  "Can you take my temperature?" I whispered   I had to whisper to get anything clear.  After mom took my temperature she said, "Go to bed."  I said, "Can you please turn on the recording of Finding Bigfoot?" I watched it for three hours.

After I watched Finding Bigfoot mom walked into the office to give me chicken noodle soup.  After I slerped it all down, I fell asleep.  I had a dream that I was on the Big Foot hunters crew and I killed a deer as bait and I caught Big Foot.  I also caught the rest of his family and gave them to a zoo.

Finally, I woke up two days later and I felt better and could go to school to be educated.  I love reading, writing and all the other subjects.  I got to see my friends like Patrick, Conal and more!  I hope I don't have strep throat again.

I love how he said he "slerped" chicken noodle soup, the spelling is the best and he has never had soup in his life!  I also enjoy that he used this assignment to write about a time when he was sick to instead write about Big Foot.  After all, isn't that what creative writing is all about, writing what you really want, coded as something completely different?  I think he has a future as a journalist!  And just to make sure his teacher is happy he throws in there that he goes to school "to be educated."  So many different levels to love here!

May the force be with you...

Sometimes I am a really cool mom (but my kids are always cooler) - like today...

I took the girls grocery shopping before we went to get Nathan from school today.  At Publix children are often given balloons.  Audrey always makes sure to get one for Nathan even when he isn't there.  While in the car one of the balloons detached from the string.  I promised to fix it once we arrived home.  Audrey ran in and immediately let them float to the ceiling.  I was able to easily get the balloons that still had strings attached.  The lone floating balloon proved to be a challenge.  I asked Audrey to bring me a bat to see if I could hit it down from the ceiling.  It wasn't working so I asked for another bat so I could pinch it and bring it down from the ceiling.  While she was off getting the second bat, I managed to get it down.  When she came back she wanted to know how I was able to get it down.  "I used the force," I said with a straight face.  She nodded her head, smiled and let it go.

While we were in the car today Audrey stated, "My tattoos come in handy" (Due to radiation she has three small blue dots in various places on her body, including one on her wrist).  I responded, "oh, how do they come in handy?"  Then Audrey began her explanation  "You see, when I am playing Star Wars I use this one (the one on her wrist) as a telecom and I can talk to anyone in the galaxy."