Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All Babies Are Cute

Today Orkin came over to treat the house.  While arranging the garage Ryan and I were moving left over tile from a home renovation from the corner of the garage to a shelf off the floor.  In doing this project we uncovered a family of cockroaches.  We were both very squeamish and freaked out.  We have only seen them in the garage and only in this one section as the cardboard around the tile was a bit wet and provided a perfect nesting place.  And let me tell you, the big one was the BIGGEST darn cockroach I have ever seen.  It had to have been at least two and a half inches long!

Okay, now that I have your skin crawling, on to the rest of the story...

So the Orkin man is here and I am telling him about the garage situation.  He heads off to the garage and Audrey is going crazy, talking over me, trying to get out the door, screaming her head off - I had to tackle her.  She was upset and ran off so I finished talking to the Orkin man and then went to find her.  She was balling.

"Mom, if you kill the parents then the babies will be all by themselves."  Audrey, we are going to get rid of them all, not just the parents.  (Audrey completely hysterical) "But Mom, they are just babies and they need to have a good life."  Audrey cockroaches do not belong in homes with people.  They can live in the Everglades there is plenty of room there.  "But Mom, all babies are cute even baby cockroaches, we can't kill them."

Nathan arrives home, Audrey tells him the travesty of the cockroach extermination.  Nathan wants to know, "but they left the worms alone, right?"


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Christi said...

Love the funny stories, it makes me miss you guys a lot!