Saturday, November 19, 2011

Each Has A Story

Audrey: In preparations for our Ward's fall festival Sandy and I were at the church with the kids working on putting together a lot of the food and various other items to get ready for the night of fun. The kids were running around the building though I had asked them to stay close. Nathan came down from the Primary room and said that Audrey was talking on the phone. I called her down to the kitchen and had her sit in a chair. I didn't have time to quiz her about what Nathan had just told me - I was working. I heard Audrey mumble something about telling someone that a person broke in. I quickly turned around and asked her who she was talking to. "A Lady." Then I demanded to know what number she had dialed. "9-1-1". Just as the words escaped her mouth I turned to see an armed police officer motioning from the window for me to open the door. When the police officer came in I explained that I just learned what she had done and that we were talking about it. He also came to talk to her a bit to be sure she knew that you don't practice on a real phone. Audrey looked at him with fear in her eyes and begged, "Please don't take me to jail. My preschool taught me to do it."

Nathan: After getting Nathan off the bus one day he asked, "Mom what language is fart." I ignored him hoping that he would drop it and tell me about his day. Then he continued, "Mom, do you know what fart means?" Not wanting to make a big deal out of it, I replied, "Yes Nathan, it means toot." I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and saw him squeeze his lips together trying to suppress a giggle. He then went on to tell me the story of why he needed to know what the word meant. This happened a few weeks ago but when I think about it I still smile. Yes, my son made it all of the way past the first quarter of first grade before he knew what a fart is! I suppose his first grade education is now complete...

Elysse: Yes, I already have my Christmas tree up. I couldn't help it! I walked into some retail stores and they were already decorated I just couldn't resist. In college my roommates and I would get a tree, put on the lights and then make a popcorn string to put on before the ornaments. I really wanted to do that this year because I think trees with popcorn and cranberry strings are the most beautiful. Audrey and Nathan helped make them. It did take two days though as they are a lot of work. We had a good time working on them! Elysse loves popcorn so naturally when she sees some she is going to take a chomp. She leaned right into the tree and took a chomp off the popcorn string. When I was telling Sandy about it as we were standing around the tree Elysse bent toward the tree making a chomping noise!