Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All Caught Up

Okay I am now all caught up on my posts.  Can you tell I have been posting a lot more lately?  Living in Florida has given our family many changes that make it easier for me to blog.  #1  The computer is actually set up so I can use it whenever I want and it is so much easier (I will have to take a picture).  #2  Ryan works so much later so I keep myself busy on the computer after dinner (sometimes before too). By the way I have decided I am going to do pinterest (because of Ryan's schedule and being alone so much) but it said I have to wait for an invitation - and it has been 24 hours and no invitation, what is the deal?  #3 The house is set up - by the end of the weekend we will even be able to put both cars in the garage!  That is a great accomplishment for a Florida house.  (I was priding myself on the fact that we were getting close and my neighbor said he has been here for five years and he doesn't even have one car in the garage).

After I get the exercise room set up I guess I will not have an excuse to not use it and see some results.....

By the way, I am not complaining about Ryan's schedule.  Yes he works really long days which leaves me home with the kids for LONG days but he is happy when he comes home.  He works hard.  He has work to do and that means job security for our family.  It is a very good thing.

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