Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Older Post #4 Soccer

When Nathan came to us and said he wanted to join soccer we were in shock.  Nathan has never liked sports, almost to the point of despising anything that involves a ball.  So we were supportive and even braced ourselves for what if he wants to quit before the season is over...
 Nathan with his team.  They would sit like this after each game to award players for good sportsmanship, being Christlike, offense stars and defense stars.  I was very happy with the Upward sports program through Biltmore Baptist Church.  It was a quality program and supported and reflected our relationship with Heavenly Father throughout each game and practice.  Often we talk about "living our religion" this program is a great example of that.  

Due to the move Nathan was not able to finish out the season but he had a great time and I believe when he has the chance he will be willing to sign up for soccer or possibly another sport.

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