Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Contract Law

Lets face it, my children are never idle.  Before church they decided they wanted to build a fort.  We discussed that the fort would need to be cleaned up after church so we could prepare lunch (fort was covered table in kitchen area).  They agreed.
Pic taken in the beginning before half of the toys from playroom were also under the table

When we came home from church it went as expected.  "Never mind I am not hungry."  Thinking if they weren't going to eat it would not need to be cleaned up.  

So, we had a discussion on Contract Law.  It was explained that what we formed earlier that morning was a verbal contract.  Grantor side of the contract (parents) allowed children to build a fort under the pretense that Grantee side of contract (children) would clean up after church.  In contracts both sides make promises to one another.  Grantee must repay Grantor for generosity (in this case).  If one side does not follow through on the contract the contract is broken and the party which breaks the contract must face consequences.  

Believe it or not they actually got it!  Now we discuss contracts and check to see if the kids really want to enter into a verbal contract - thinking of moving to actual written contracts for Nathan...

When we were finishing the cleaning a comment was made stating that if we truly work at it it only takes a short time - much faster than complaining and dragging it out.  Audrey then declared, "Don't blame it on me, blame it on the contract!"  Love that girl.

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Christi said...

I love Audrey's quote! Hilarious!