Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earning Coins

About a year ago Ryan and I met with the teachers that would become Nathan's school teachers. While in the conference with them we discussed classroom discipline - a major concern of ours due to the way Nathan was received during preschool. Miss Riannon told us about the discipline tactics used for the class room and quickly added that they didn't focus on the discipline but rather the reward system. The children have opportunities to earn coins in class (helps with the math lessons) and then they are able to use their coins to purchase art supplies for classroom activities.

It was during this meeting that we decided that we wanted Nathan going to Nativity Kindergarten but it was also during that meeting that we decided we wanted to get started on the same type of reward system at home for Nathan rather than focusing on discipline, why not give him an opportunity to earn quarters and then give him an opportunity to save them and purchase something he really wants.

We put this into practice about a year ago and we are definitely getting results. Nathan loves animals more than anything else on the planet. He is very knowledgeable and interested. If you have spent any time with him you have been inundated with facts and asked countless questions! He has been saving and his quarters and purchasing books with "real" pictures of animals. So far he has four and he is working hard on earning his fifth book. There are 10 in the series.
Whales & Dolphins by Kids Books: Book CoverSharks (Photo-Fact Collection Series) by Jane P. Resnick: Book CoverReptiles (Photo-Fact Collection Series) by Robert Matero: Book CoverWild Cats (Photo-Fact Collection Series) by Jane P. Resnick: Book Cover

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Steve said...

He is just like Zachary!!! Animal crazy!! Got to love those cousins!!