Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter 2010

Okay this post is coming a little late. Ryan and I had a deal that he was going to post about Easter but it hasn't happened to this point so I am taking over. In all fairness I have kept him fairly busy lately!!

We weren't sure when Audrey was going in for her hospitalization so we kept putting off decorating the eggs. Sunday morning arrived and we decided to do everything that morning. We decorated eggs, had breakfast, went for an egg hunt, looked at the Easter basket and then played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk outside.

This picture shows off Nathan's "pretend hunting pants" that Grandma Karen made for him. They are pretend because they aren't camouflage but they have aquatic animals all over them. He puts them on every chance he gets. I am amazed that he hasn't asked or expected to wear them to school.

Fun with bubbles.

I saw the idea of taking an empty milk carton and adding Easter grass on the local news program. They actually decorated the milk carton to make it look like a bunny (maybe next year). The idea worked great, it was the right size and the handle made it very easy for Audrey to carry it all around the yard.

Most memorable experience, Audrey looking in her basket and being so excited she had a Dove egg. (She is nuts about chocolate but especially loves Dove chocolates). Then the exhilaration when she realized there were two more Dove eggs - she squealed with delight.

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