Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Tribute to Moms

Generally we recognize and acknowledge our moms and all they have taught us and continue to do for us during the month of May because of Mother's Day. However, I cannot wait until then to send out a special tribute to both of our moms. Over the past few months we have been very blessed to have our moms with us as we are dealing with Audrey's health issues, doctor's appointments (Audrey's, OB, back issues), school schedules, etc.

Mom Beadle spent five weeks with Audrey and me in Jacksonville. If you remember from the Jacksonville posts, we had a very difficult time there - simply being apart as a family, dealing with Audrey's daily sedation, radiation and then of course, all of my health issues. We would truly not have been able to make it through out entire time in Jacksonville without her. In Jacksonville she took us to all of our appointments, spent time in the hospital, took care of Audrey when I couldn't be out of bed more than a few hours per day. She made sure we were properly fed as well. She also did a lot of driving, including all of the driving from Venice to Asheville. Once we returned to Asheville she spent three additional weeks with us as we went through another chemo, recovery and additional doctors appointments.

A few weeks after Mom Beadle left my mom arrived. I feel a bit guilty forcing both of them to be apart from their homes, regular schedules and our dads, knowing how difficult it was for our family to be apart for six weeks. However, mom arrived ready to help. Nathan had projects lined up for Grandma Karen before she ever left Michigan! Part of the reason I haven't been blogging is because we have been so busy with projects. First of all, I learned how to clean out autumn/winter flower boxes as we spent several hours trying to beautify the outside of my house. Thanks so much for the lessons and all of the hard work you put into working around the house. I say that "we" worked on the flower boxes but really I put in one day of work and mom did the rest, including spraying round up and looking into mulching options. Ryan and I were also able to paint the baby's room while she watched the kids. She also has done many sewing projects - the first project is the one Nathan called her in Michigan to explain, he wanted hunting pants one for real and one for fake. She made camouflage pants for "real" hunting and others with various sea animals for "fake" hunting pants. There was enough of the real material to make Audrey matching hunting pants. The other sewing projects have so far included curtains for the baby's room (had better be a girl because Lincoln will not appreciate the purple polka dot curtains). And she is also working on a matching quilt!

Thank you both for the time, care, love and time away from your lives and homes to support us. You are both amazing women who love the Lord and your families so much that you are able to continually bless our lives. We have been taught that being a mother is the richest blessing any women can have, here in this mortal life, and you are wonderful examples of the loving kindness and compassion a mother holds sacred as her roles and responsibilities.

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HatchFamily said...

I love the hunting picture...So Cute! Audrey looks so excited to have a pair of hunting pants too :)