Monday, April 12, 2010

OB Appointment

After dropping Nathan off to school and bringing Audrey to the clinic to check on her numbers (which were high enough) I ran across the street to my OB appointment. My appointment was at 10:30 and I was called back at 10:36 - I think all of the stars must have aligned because I have never waited less than a half hour before!

I was measured, listened for the heartbeat and asked a list of questions. I questioned the Dr about induction and how it is handled, how they feel about it, what the qualifications are, etc. The doctor's response was, "oh, with your third, sure." I explained that I was wondering and interested due to Audrey's chemo schedule. Having a scheduled delivery would take away a lot of anxiety and relieve so much stress. The one qualification that the doctor gave is that it has to be within one week of the due date. Nathan and Audrey were both born on Friday and for the past month Ryan has been encouraging me to ask the doctor to induce on a Friday because it is a "family tradition." So we are going to ask about June 11th - it is only 8 days before the due date, maybe they will let it slide!

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Rachel said...

If you induce that early, I don't even have a chance in winning that race! No fair! :(