Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Time in My Life

Today I went to my OB appointment. I am currently 32 weeks and 4 days. So far I have gained 22 pounds. When I was pregnant for Nathan I gained (or claim that I gained probably a few pounds were added before I was actually pregnant) 60 pounds. With Audrey, 40. Needless to say, I am rather proud of the fact that I haven't put on a lot of weight.

I met with the midwife today. (They try to cycle their patients through everyone before the baby is born.) I have met with her on a few other occasions and I think she is great. Anyway, when she was measuring my stomach she asked if I have been eating enough and getting enough rest. I responded that I probably eat too much and I actually have been able to get enough sleep - I often take naps with Audrey.

I was then informed that the baby is measuring a little on the small side, closer to 30 weeks rather than the 32 1/2 that I am currently at. She then something I have never heard directed toward me, ever. "You should really start eating more."

I have been battling with my weight since I was probably 9 years old so I really had a good time with that comment! I had to call Ryan and my mom when I left the office to tell them what I had just been told.

So, all of you that haven't seen me recently are probably wondering what I look like so I will actually allow a picture of myself to be taken while I am pregnant and post it a day or two.


Lee said...

Eat woman! Your midwife has ordered you to! Ghiardelli Dark Mint

Bryan and Emily said...

Good for you Tonya! It is a great feeling to not have the scales tip to crazily at the doctor's office (although in our non-pregnant minds we know it is all for a good cause!).

Carrie said...

Eat up! Not often anybody hears that so take advantage of it! :)

Steve said...

Eat Eat and Eat!! You need some of our apples!! ha ha

Maureen said...

Let's hear it for Panera!!!!