Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Audrey's Purse

Audrey is an incredible girl for so many different reasons. We are so proud of her for all of the growing up she has had to do in the last year. She has always been very independent and it seems that she has become more so - probably having to do with age and all of the challenges and growing she has done.

She and I decided it would be good for her to start carrying a purse for all of our out of the house excursions. She is a girly girl and has many needs throughout the day. We found the purse I use to have when I was much younger - probably not quite as young as her, but definitely a purse of my youth, given to me by my Aunt Carla. We loaded it with all of the necessities and we keep it by the door (where I hang my purse and keys).

All of the necessities: lotion, chap stick, hand wipes, kleenex, two Hello Kitty band-aids and four wintergreens (we started with five but she has already had a need)!

Audrey: Ready for the Day.

I am not sure the rest of this post really goes along with the above but I need to get it down somewhere. Although Audrey is very independent and comes up with much of her own material. She does get an awful lot of quirks from me - the good and the bad, especially a lot of expressions. I am often using the words/phrases: obnoxious, irritating, frustrating, crap, etc. About a week ago Audrey was obviously upset about something (probably something I told her she could or couldn't do) and out came this word FANOXIOUS! I have heard her use the word obnoxious before so I know she knows how to use it. I ignored it and went on about my business. Well, this word continued to come up over the next week when I realized that she was combining frustrating and obnoxious. Not only did she make up her own word, she definitely uses it correctly! Now when I am annoyed with things I smile and use Audrey's word it often makes whatever is bothering me not seem so bad.


tempppo said...

that's both cute and impressive. what a smart, fun girl.

Carrie said...

I love that Audrey carries a purse! I need a little girl!!!! I love all the updates and pictures. I miss you all and it is so fun to keep up with your family. I swear I am going to call soon! We are itching to come up there and when we do I will let you know! (I just need a couple of days off in a row. One to get my house back to normal and the next to make a road trip!)