Friday, October 1, 2010

Clinic Visit

Yesterday morning Audrey woke up and within a few hours I discovered that she had a fever - not just any fever the lowest temperature was 101.7 the highest being 103.1. Needless to say I had to take Audrey into the clinic. We spent several hours there - she was given fluid and antibiotics by IV as well as having swabs taken of her nose and throat. We discovered that her blood counts are AWESOME and that he was battling some type of viral attack. Luckily she responded well to Tylenol and they sent us home after 5 hours. My main worry was - will we be able to have the Play=Doh party with her friends?

I mentioned Audrey's recent birthday and upcoming birthday party. The nurses all came into Audrey's bedroom singing "Happy Birthday" and loaded Audrey up with gifts. We love all of our nurses there and it was so nice that they were prepared to give Audrey such a sweet welcome when we were there for an unhappy reason.

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Steve said...

That place is amazing!!!!!