Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Weather

Fall always reminds me of my childhood. Fall was the most anticipated season - the welcome of the cool weather, the vibrant beautiful colors, and the football games I would attend but never actually watch. On colder fall days I would walk over to my grandma's house (right next door - yes, I was very lucky) sit on her couch and eventually wrap myself in a blanket. We would always have the television on but it didn't usually matter what was on, we were always talking. My grandma was interested in everything I had to say and the things that went on during the day. Sometimes we would enjoy snacks - (among our favorite snacks were popcorn and apples sometimes with fudge, chocolate ice cream and salty Lays potato chips and hot chocolate). Before long I would fall asleep wrapped in the warmth of the house and blanket while the evening fell and the weather became cooler.

Fall represents comfort, warmth from the cool outside, time with family, beautiful scenery and that is why I love this season.

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