Friday, October 1, 2010

Play-Doh Party

Today Audrey and Nick Hatch shared the coolest birthday party all inspired by Play-Doh. We began the party at 11:00 a.m. (partially because the older kids were at school and this allowed the party to be all about the little ones). We started with homemade pizza that we let the kids load. Next was a Play-Doh hunt where the kids carried ziplock baggies around the living room finding the little cans of Play-Doh. After the hunt the kids began playing on personalized playmats (found the idea online). Then we moved on to presents and cake.

This is the dining room before the kids entered. Each spot had a personalized playmat and balloon.
The Play-Doh hunt was so much fun. The kids were so excited and loved searching the living room for the little cans to call their own.
There were many fun things to do at the party and playing with the Play-Doh was one of the best. The kids were so content that there were times when we didn't even hear them!
Audrey received so many generous and perfectly girly gifts. Thanks!


Check out this cake! It was made by our friend from church, Sandy Cox. She is amazing and her creations are so beautiful. The best part is they not only look beautiful they taste great too!

This is the best kids party I have ever experienced. The children were all so well behaved there weren't any fights or crying spells. They shared well and played together well and we all enjoyed the day. I am so thankful that Audrey's health allowed this to happen today.


Carrie said...

Audrey looks so grown up! Her hair is coming back so quickly. And speaking of hair. Is that curly top my sweet Bella?! :) Where does the time go? Why am I such a slacker at keeping in touch?

Bryan and Emily said...

What a fun birthday idea. Might have to copy that one...I'm saving it in my idea bank. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute!

Steve said...

What a great party idea!! I just love love that cake!! I want one too!!! ha ha Audrey looks great!! Her hair is so cute and she looks so grown up I can't even believe it!!! I have to show the kids this picture!!!! We can't wait to get there to visit!!!!!