Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today Is the Day!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Audrey dear! What a year we have had. Today was the best birthday I have ever experienced and it wasn't even mine! We were busy, busy, busy - and happy. Audrey went to gymnastics, had a great time. She was able to spend time with family and PARTY! Did I mention phone calls? I never thought I would hear Audrey run out of juice when on the phone but she did...toward the end of her phone calls she would tell the person she was talking to that she only had one thing to tell them. It was hysterical from my end.

Her wishes for today - (1) Order Domino's pizza (2) have a light blue cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips (I used M&M's instead - blue of course) (3) watch Bolt after dinner. We never did get to #3 because she realized there were presents today!!!

My three wishes for her through this year (1) continue to stay healthy (2) grow and mature educationally (3) know how much she is loved. Audrey you have brought so many joys to our lives. You will forever be our little girl.


Ruth said...

I can't wait to have little kid birthdays! She looks like she had the best day ever.

Lee said...

What a miracle Birthday--may there be tons and tons more!

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Audrey!! It was so funny on the phone yesterday you could tell she was getting tired. I wish we of course could of been there to celebrate... Glad to hear it was a great day!!!!