Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flowers....and My Husband

Okay I know I have at least two friends out there that feel the exact same way I do about flowers and I am willing to be there are even more of you out there... Basically I think that flowers should be spontaneous. Ryan has been warned that I do not want flowers for my birthday or anniversary - to me that lacks any kind of excitement, it is nearly expected. However, flowers just because he was thinking about me or wanted to do something nice, or knew I was having a difficult time lately, or a moment to say he was thankful for something or proud of me, ect (I am sure you are getting the point here) that is when they become more than "expected" they become a symbol of love.

Last night when he came home from work I was pulling dinner out of the oven (and the oven handle seriously pulled right off the front of the oven when he walked in) and he stood in the kitchen with a bouquet of flowers, just for me.


Ruth said...

I totally agree about the flowers and I'm feeling like I need some right now. :) My car decided to completely die on me. Engine ceased and everything. I don't think I'll get those flowers though until after the house is done, but soon I know they will show up. :) Tell Ryan that he gets good husband points from me too! :)

Steve said...

Tell Ryan he picked a good time!!! I am sure it helped the anger of the stove handle falling off and put a nice smile on your face!!! You deserve them!

Maureen said...

My baby boy is finally growing up. I knew he would come thru someday. :)