Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Vacation Part I

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Our family vacation began in South Carolina at a resort on Kiawah Island. Ryan had a three day conference for the Estate Planning section of the North Carolina Bar. This is the second year he has attended the conference there. Last year he thought it was wonderful so he wanted to bring us with him this year.

The resort is different than what we are accustomed to. Essentially the resort is made up of several golf courses, a couple of hotels and several privately owned condos. The condos are rented out through the resort. We rented a villa - a two bedroom condo with a full kitchen and laundry. Due to the fact that we were unsure for so long whether we would be able to go with him (due to Audrey's uncertain health) we were quite far from the beach.

The kids enjoyed the family pool at the resort - the water was cooled as it entered the pool. It was refreshing. While we were there Nathan began to get very brave in his efforts to learn to swim without water wings. His favorite activity was jumping from the side of the pool into the 3 1/2 foot water over and over. While in the villa Nathan and Audrey shared a room. When we heard them giggling wildly we were concerned. Ryan went into their room to see that they were playing dress up. They put Audrey in Nathan's clothing on top of her own. We did get a couple of pictures of that - but the most comical part was when we were helping her out of Nathan's clothes we saw that she had even remembered to put on a pair of Nathan's underwear over her own shorts!

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HatchFamily said...

I'm glad you had a good time on your trip. That's fun that you got to see the manatees in the wild. It looks like Elysse isn't quite sure about the pool :) or maybe it was just the sun. She's getting big. You have such a cute family!