Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elysse's Blessing

Elysse received a name and a blessing on the records of our church August 1st. Unfortunately that is the same day we took Audrey to the hospital and she was admitted for three days due to a fever. So, it has taken until now to put Elysse back into her beautiful blessing dress that Grandma Karen made for her.

Elysse is now three months old. She is beginning to smile more. She definitely recognizes mommy and daddy and often gets very excited when she thinks she is going to get picked up - and sometimes pouty if it doesn't happen. Nathan often talks to her and asks, "can you give big brother a smile?" Audrey and Nathan are still too hands on for my liking but I try to let them be involved - Audrey loves to cuddle her and often wants to lay by Elysse on the bed.


Lee said...

What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are thrilled with her! Be glad the kids actually LIKE her--LOL!!!!!!

Maureen said...

Oh my gosh, what great pictures! The one in her chair is her cutest picture so far. What a beautiful dress from Grandma Karen.