Monday, November 30, 2009

Beyond the Updates

Well, Audrey was not released from the hospital on Sunday as expected. Her blood counts were not where our doctor wanted them so she was not released. She had a great night and I do feel like we will be breaking free today. (Blood counts still not high enough and more vomiting this morning, will be here at least one more day).

I know that the updates lack flare and excitement so I am going to post pictures today as promised long ago. Also, I thought I would include some hospital fun Audrey and I have had.

Audrey likes to request things she knows our unit has in the refrigerator so that she can leave the room to retrieve the items. She asked for some ice cream (which she doesn't seem to like but keeps asking for). We picked out the ice cream she wanted, came back to the room and she took a bite. Immediately she handed it back to me and declared, "disgusting."

One of the things Audrey likes to do to keep herself busy in the room is watch Bolt the DVD. She often watches on her portable DVD player. Some of the DVDs are skipping and the player isn't in the best condition with her continuously touching it. So, I was getting after her about touching it and I told her I would take it away if she wouldn't keep her hands off from it. She shot me a dirty look out the corner of her eye and stated, "I am not talking to you anymore."

Every time our nurses come in to check her vitals she insists she gets a turn too. We have some wonderful nurses here because they all play along with her. She listens to her own heart and lungs, checks her temperature with the ear thermometer, they even gave her an adult blood pressure cuff so that she could check my blood pressure when she wants. Uncle Chad and Aunt Sarah already bought her a Dr.s set for Christmas!

This morning she needed to have a washcloth bath and decided that she was not going to put pajamas back on. Instead she is wrapped up under the covers with nothing but a diaper on! It is important for her to feel she is making some decisions here so if this keeps her happy she can be naked the rest of the time we are here! There are so many other things she doesn't have a choice in.


Carrie said...

Love the pictures. That girl cracks me up! No wonder she gets along with Bella. They both have a flare for the dramatic! Does still being in the hospital change her upcoming chemo?

HatchFamily said...

Those pictures are so cute! She's so funny; all I can think of is when she would say
"A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E" in her cute little voice :) She has a strong will for a reason. I'm glad you have good nurses, that probably makes a big difference.