Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 0 Day 3

Audrey received the last of her chemo for this treatment. She has been vomiting in the night. She has been given medicine for nausea and when that doesn't quite cut it they give her benedryl. She is doing well this morning, talking like crazy! She kind of caught on that I wasn't exactly listening to her after hours of talking. So she touched my face, turned it toward her and said, "I said a question." I have been trying to make more of an effort to figure out if she is asking a question so I can respond.

On Week 0 Day 2 (Friday night) Audrey wanted Ryan to stay the night with her. He was here most of the day as well. Nathan and I had a slumber party in my room (I put a pillow in between us so that he wouldn't touch me when we were sleeping). Two sisters from my ward came over to help do some deep cleaning - thank you Nancy and Annette - and afterward I told Nathan that I would take him anywhere he wanted for lunch. I expected McDonald's and sort of resigned my self to that outcome. Nathan surprised me, he asked for Olive Garden; yes, I think my expensive tastes are rubbing off on him. Later we went to the Asheville Mall and it was nearly impossible to find a parking spot, apparently the recession does not exist here. Then we came to the hospital to trade off. Ryan took Nathan home and I stayed the night with Audrey.

While Audrey had Ryan in the hospital she took total advantage...because of the unit we are on with pediatric oncology there is a playroom just down the hall; well, Audrey and Ryan visited the playroom at least three times, took walks up and down the hall, she would have him start a movie and five minutes into the movie would decide she wants another one. Yup, little girl has daddy wrapped around her finger! I don't even let her choose the movies anymore and won't change them for her until they are finished.

Oh, one funny little story about yesterday: Nathan and I were in the men's department at Belk, looking for a Christmas tie for Uncle Justin (who is serving his mission in Idaho). Nathan wanted to hide under the tables so I was getting after him and he said, "I should have never been a kid." I questioned him as to what he meant by that. He said, "I should have been a wild animal so nobody can yell at me." It broke my heart and I gave him a hug and explained that it is scary when he hides because I don't know where he is. Today it is really funny though. What a mind, he knows that parents get after children and wild animals are free from all of that!

We should be going home first thing tomorrow morning! Grandma Karen is on the airplane as I am posting this entry!


Bryan and Emily said...

You seem to be balancing the needs of BOTH of your kids well so far...which I am totally impressed by. I am sure Audrey will be happy to go home.

Carrie said...

Sorry to hear Audrey was getting sick! But I am glad to hear everything else! It sounds like you are being able to spend some quality time with both the kiddos and that is so awesome. Nathan and Jake think a like. It must be a boy thing. Jake was telling me the other day it is tough being a kid. I asked him why and he said because you have to do everything people tell you to do and sometimes get yelled at. I reminded him that if he actually did what we told him to do he wouldn't get yelled at...

Rachel said...

That's so great that you are journaling regularly about the emotions and happenings of this trial in your lives. It's nice to know how everything is going. I've been thinking and praying for you guys. I hope recording your feelings is helping to cope better with everything. Take care of yourself!