Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Audrey Update

It is official Audrey has cancer. The tumor was removed from her back on Wednesday, October 28th. We had an appointment on the 30th to find out what the specific type of cancer is. Unfortunately the pathology is taking longer to get back than even the doctors anticipated. We have a pediatric oncologist, Dr. Beaty, taking care of us from this point.

We were able to have a happy, normal Halloween. Audrey dressed as a flower (like last year) and this year Nathan was a T-Rex! Pictures will follow in a few days.

On Monday we took Audrey to another round of testing. This time we specifically looked at her kidneys and brain. One of the kinds of cancer she may have generally affects the brain and/or kidneys - thus the need for the testing. Both of the tests came back indicating that everything is clear and looks good. We are so thankful for that!

During the meeting with Dr. Beaty last Friday he said that if Audrey has one particular type of cancer she will not have to go through chemotherapy. Before the meeting I was under the impression that because she has cancer, regardless of the type, she would need to have chemo as a preventative of it continuing through her system. I know chemo is going to be so difficult on Audrey and our family - watching her go through the treatments. However, I was beginning to prepare for that. Now I have this glimmer of hope that she will not have to have chemo therapy and that is all I can think of. Oh, how I wish he wouldn't have mentioned this and it could have just been a wonderful surprise and blessing if it turns out she has this one type of cancer... We should have pathology back by the end of this week.


Bryan and Emily said...

You are in our prayers -- we'll especially be praying that Audrey won't have to endure chemo and can be treating otherwise.

Carrie said...

We are praying for you all and love you guys. Thanks for the update.