Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Week 0

Audrey's chemotherapy will begin on Thursday, November 19th. She will have medicine on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday she will receive a shot that helps with her white blood count. This is considered Week 0. This is the schedule as far as we know it - Week 0, 4 days in the hospital; Week 3, 3-4 days in the hospital; Week 6, 3 days in the hospital. Week 7 chemo treatment for 1 day outpatient from the clinic; Week 8 chemo treatment for 1 day from the clinic - After this I assume they will be doing another MRI and other tests to see how the chemotherapy is managing the cancer cells.

I am hoping Ryan will be able to figure out how to get Internet access for me in the hospital and I will let everyone know how she is doing with the treatment.


Bryan and Emily said...

Thanks for the update Tanya. What a challenge this must be, and a very hard time of year to be dealing with it. Our prayers remain with you guys.

Maureen said...

Dad intiated a family prayer this morning. We're glad for all the information. I wasn't aware there were any cancer cells in her body at this time because the tests all came back clear. We are praying for you, Ryan and Nathan too. Love you, Mom