Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some Friends from Florida

I received a call from a friend, Lisa Goodson, we met when we both lived in Venice, FL. She and her family moved to South Carolina shortly after their youngest child was born (about 6 years ago). When we moved to North Carolina we realized we only live about an hour from them. While they are busy trying to relocate to FL again, other friends of ours, Cassandra MacDonald came for an impromptu visit. So, we all got together for a picnic and fun afternoon at the Carl Sandburg Farm.

Between the three of us we have 9 children - 3 each and we are all done! But we love the bunch we have.
Left: Andy Goodson, Nathan Beadle, Audrey Beadle, Brook MacDonald, Tyler MacDonald, Elysse Beadle, Conner MacDonald, Key Goodson, Natalie Goodson.
Ms. Photogenic
This goat really thought the grass was greener on the other side.
Audrey in the action.
Elysse spent a lot of time chasing goats.
Checking out the chickens. Chickens don't really like to eat grass - in case you were wondering.
Wondering how to capture the tadpoles from the slimy old fountain.

It was a wonderful time and we were so glad to see everyone. We made some wonderful life-long friends in Venice.

2 comments: said...

Great pictures and a great day! Looks like we will be neighbors still. FL doesn't appear to want us at this time. So be it. We should meet up more often. Loved catching up on your recent adventures. Lawnmowers and hills are tricky things! I once put Nat in a walker while I worked in our yard. I had to move quick as she zoomed down the hill. :)

HatchFamily said...

Gotta love the animals! We never did make it that far. The day we went it was like 90 degrees with 100% humidity or so it felt and we didn't bring any water because we didn't know it was that long of a walk. looks like you had a fun time. Miss you guys!
P.S. That lawnmower really had a mind of it's own huh :)