Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I was asked to help out with the Wednesday night girls' program at church. The leader of the group was headed out of town and so she asked if I would do a night on photography. Well, I do not really know much about photography - but I do have a nice camera and I know how to use the internet. So, I set to work. I put together a few handouts and thought it would be fun to do a photo scavenger hunt. For the photo scavenger hunt I did not have them take pictures of specific things but rather put to use some of the things we had read and talked about as well as take pictures from different angles. Here are two of my favorite pictures I took that night.
Aerial photo: These muffins were made with ground whole wheat flour and I used the Williams Sonoma recipe for blueberry muffins you can find on their website.

Rule of thirds: I thought this picture was just clever - way to blend.

We all had a good time and it was fun practicing a bit. Even if I do not have a lot of knowledge, I think the girls learned a few new things.

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