Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lawnmower Chaos

It was a July afternoon. Sandy was watching the kids so I could grocery shop. I had some type of virus and shouldn't really be out mowing the lawn but I didn't have much of a choice. After finishing the hill right in front of the house I left the mower right here...
I went over to get a drink - which I had left on the back of the vehicle. I watched a car come into the neighborhood and then....the mower decided it would like to go on a ride of its own. I stood there in total disbelief. The mower flew down the hill. I was sure it was going to jump the two foot wall that separates our lawn from our neighbors. Instead it decided take a very sharp turn.

Thankfully it missed these.
It then jumped the curb. Ran all the way across the street, smacked into the other curb and threw up. From there it spun around and stopped in the middle of the street - the second largest hill in the neighborhood. I was so thankful it did not continue its journey down the street or into the parked vehicle on the side of the road.
When it finally stopped I picked my jaw up off the ground, quickly looked around to see if anyone else had witnessed the incident (no one had) and then ran down to the wreckage. Unfortunately there was damage to the mower and my best attempts with this...
Did not prevent the mower wheel from being smashed into the body of the mower.
When Ryan came home we looked at it. He discovered that if he lowered the mower deck the wheel would then spin again. So, for the time being we are operating with a slightly imperfect and way to short cutting lawn mower. We are hoping to get a new one next spring.

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