Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Ugliest One Goes First

Ever since Christmas we have been playing a lot of games in our home. Audrey received a great game, Sequence for Kids, for Christmas and that is what got us going. We have collected games over the years and we are just now putting them to use. We were playing a game the other night and it specifically says in the directions that the youngest player goes first. When we finished that game we pulled out a new game that we had not really played before. Audrey's first question was, "who goes first?" She was expecting to hear that the youngest player goes first. So, I said with a smile...the directions say the ugliest player goes first. "Audrey, who do you think that is?" Audrey looked around at all of us (taking this very seriously) and finally decided. "I guess that is daddy because he has whiskers."

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Alex said...

Hahah love it!