Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Letter

We were able to send our Christmas letter out this year to some but I am sure that not everyone received the letter so I will include it here:

And so our year began as did everyone else’s, with taxes. Tonya ventured out and learned a new skill, preparing taxes for H&R Block. In those few months she learned a lot, met a lot of very interesting people and created some very good friendships while working. Ryan, being a tax attorney, was not left in the dust on this venture – he was consulted on occasion regarding difficult tax returns and often after a little research, he gladly provided the needed answers. By far the most challenging tax return Tonya prepared was our own!

Ryan studied and prepared to take his second bar exam. A few months later the results were in and Ryan is now licensed with the North Carolina State Bar. He continues to work with The Van Winkle Law Firm in Asheville, North Carolina. Ryan’s specific area of practice includes working in wills, trusts and estates. The middle of the year proved to be challenging in that he did not feel as though he had enough work and focused on meeting other professionals in the area in order to stimulate more business. Thankfully work picked up and he has been busy ever since.

At the end of the summer Nathan turned 5 though he wanted and claimed he would be 4 forever! Shortly after his birthday Nathan began kindergarten at Nativity Lutheran. The program fits Nathan very well. He is in a class with 12 other students and has two teachers in his room at all times. The teachers are wonderful, the program and curriculum is impressive and Nathan has really begun to flourish academically.

During this time Tonya was presented with the opportunity to watch a couple of children in our home. Nathan and Audrey were both excited to have the two little girls over and they all got a long so well. Not too long after the girls began coming a lump on Audrey’s back was discovered and within a couple of weeks the babysitting had to end.

The growth on Audrey’s back was a malignant Rhabdoid tumor. This type of cancer is very aggressive and measures were taken quickly to have the mass removed. Over the next several months Audrey will undergo an intense chemotherapy schedule coupled with proton radiation therapy. Nearly all of our family has been here to help and visit since Audrey’s diagnosis.

On the same day Audrey’s mass was discovered we also found out that Tonya is expecting our third child. The baby is due to arrive on June 19th. As one can imagine, our excitement has been postponed as we deal with the reality of Audrey’s cancer and helping Nathan to continue to learn and grow with all of the challenges our family faces at this time.

We know that God lives. He knows and loves each of His children individually. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to bear the weight of this world. Christ entered this world as a child, grew, taught, led and took upon himself the sins, sickness, sadness and all that we experience in this world and atoned for each of us. It is through Jesus Christ, our elder brother, that we will have the opportunity to again live with our Father in Heaven. For this we are so grateful and wish to share with you our knowledge and joy this Christmas season.

Ryan and Tonya Beadle

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Bryan and Emily said...

Just doing catch up on blog reading. I can't believe all that snow you got. I am glad that the night went well and that Audrey didn't need to be taken out. Your Christmas letter was fun to read, we loved getting it in the mail. I know this has been a rough year, can't imagine handling all you have been dealing with. You are an amazing family -- which is important right now. Congrats on baby #3...I admit was surprised to read this news. I hope the excitment will set in and all will go smoothly during the pregnancy. Heaven knows you deserve that. Hope Christmas was great!