Sunday, December 20, 2009

The biggest snow storm to hit Asheville this decade came with full fury this weekend. We kind of thought that escaping Michigan forever would relieve us of this. We don't even own a snow shovel. We were without electricity for most of the night on Friday night, but it was back on at around 7 in the morning. What a blessing! The house was quite a frosty 55 - 58 degrees by morning.

We have been trapped in the house for two days. We live on a hill and our street will not be plowed for the foreseeable future. Getting down the hill - no problem as long as there are no other cars at the bottom of the hill. Getting back up the hill - I don't know if that would work. The state owns the street and we are very low on the priority list for snow removal. We don't mind, though - we have everything here at home we need right now. Our only worry has been that Audrey would become sick, and fortunately she has not. Her white blood count was nonexistent on Friday, but she has been able to avoid anything bad in the meantime. She had a fever yesterday, but we decided to try Tylenol and it relieved the fever. Fever is the main warning sign for us to beware of this weekend. If the Tylenol hadn't worked, we'd have braved the snow and journeyed to the hospital yesterday. Fortunately, we had a good night.

Nathan was so funny. Tonya took him outside in the morning, intending to let him play in the snow and make a snowman. He said, "Mommy, you can build the snowman by yourself, it's too cold out here." In the afternoon, Ryan took him out again to try and see if he wanted to build a snowman. He decided it was fun and so we built "Frosty" (that's the name he gave the snowman). A few minutes later, "Jack Frost" (Nathan's words for Nathan's decision to kick, hit and destroy Frosty) came along and destroyed Frosty, so Frosty had a pretty short life.


Carrie said...

We are so bummed we missed the snow!!! We got rain..Bummer! I love that Nathan thought it was too cold!
I am so glad to hear Audrey is doing well. That wouldn't have been fun having to go out in the storm. My dad had his surgery today for his prostrate cancer (he decided on having the radiation "pellets" implanted). It went well and he should be home in a couple of hours.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Steve said...

You got me laughing I can just see Nathan in destroy mode. I can't believe the snow you have there. My kids wish it was here I will tell you that they have attempted to play in what we have which is not much at all. Hugs for all!!!

Lee said...

Beautiful pics!

Melissa said...

I was so hoping that we would get some of that snow, but nope....we got rain as well. I love Jack Frost, he looked great. Your street would be perfect for sledding. I am so glad that Audrey is doing well. Thank you for the comment you made on my blog. I couldn't even imagine the fear that you must face daily, but I also know that you are a woman of faith and I know that it is that faith that will carry you and your family through such a difficult time. I hope ya'll have a very merry Christmas!!