Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Release

We are being permitted to leave the hospital today. Though I think the doctor only consented because she was afraid I was going to throw a fit.

Audrey's white count is not very high right now but it is definitely headed in the right direction. I had a great case built up and I was ready to launch into all of my reasons why we should be released but it didn't get to that, thankfully.

  • Audrey is feeling better, has energy and is eating well.
  • She hasn't had a fever since first admitted.
  • All of her other numbers are good.
  • We already have an appointment scheduled for Monday morning at the clinic.
  • Ryan and I are very responsible and we will not chance Audrey's well being.
  • She has been home for days at a time without any white count and she currently has a little white count which is still headed in the right direction because she is receiving shots each night that help build up the white count.
If I didn't feel like she would be okay I would not feel so strongly about this.

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