Friday, May 7, 2010

Greatest Day

The first Tuesday of each month the NC Arboretum (which is 5 minutes from my house) has a free pass day, allowing people to come and enjoy the grounds without paying. Last year we took advantage of this a few times and when the weather turned nice I was really looking forward to it. As it turned out Audrey's blood counts were great and we decided there wasn't much risk in getting together with friends and enjoying a picnic outside.

So, we made plans and were able to meet with four other moms and their children for a picnic lunch under some nice trees on the hill. We met at noon which meant that Nathan was going to be left out... So, I decided to spring him from school early. It was the first time Audrey has been around any of our friends since October.

We felt almost normal. It was sunny, a tad breezy and near 80 degrees. The day was perfect. As I drove home with totally exhausted kids I just smiled and felt like we had had the best day!

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Ruth said...

I'm having the worst day today and I would have loved to spend that day with you! Arg! The other spanish teacher yelled at my class today in front of me after her class encourage my students to respond to their stomping. I had everything under control thank you very much! You would have put your fight face on. :) And I had to chase down the one student that I absolutely do not trust because I saw him hop the fence into the woods. I sprinted out of my class and escorted him to the office. He then acted all smug towards me in the lunch room. He bugs me...alot. Thanks for listening. I need bean dip and lime tostitos right now and good friends. :)