Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy Week

We are in the middle of the craziest week!
  • Audrey had an appointment on Monday and Tuesday,
  • Nathan had a singing program at school on Wednesday,
  • today (Thursday) Audrey has another appointment (for her outpatient chemo),
  • Nathan has field day at Fletcher park in lieu of actual class today,
  • TJ has a vet appointment later today,
  • Friday, Ryan and I are signing Nathan up for kindergarten (yes I said kindergarten, I will explain later)
  • I have to leave registration a bit early so I can go to my OB appointment
  • Just left Audrey's appointment (Thursday) and was asked to come back for blood counts on Friday - just in case she needs a platelet transfusion before the weekend.
  • after registration, Ryan is going to golf with his dad and a friend from church
  • None of this includes the little things like grocery shopping, a Sam's Club run, car washes, cleaning out the garage, laundry, vacuuming, oil changes and car inspections...
So you are probably wondering how we are going to do all of this. Well, don't think I am absolutely nuts...we have help. Ryan's parents came in yesterday morningish and will be with us until Sunday morning. Oh, and I figured out how to use the calendar function on my cell phone, that has been helpful but I still put everything on the calendar, it helps to see everything. I think on Saturday I am going to have a manicure (a gift from some of my friends), possibly a pedicure (never had one and I am kind of nervous, not a big "hands on" person but it is my Mother's Day gift) and go to a movie - totally girly Letters to Juliet, I have been waiting to see this one!!


Steve said...

Hang in there!!! You totally need to go have a mani and pedi you deserve it!!

Carrie said...

That movie looks soooo good! Have fun and you will love the pedicure I swear. It is so relaxing...