Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Views

Beginning of the color change.
Colors in full bloom.

These views are from our back deck. It is such an incredible view. The pictures were taken just a few days apart. You want to see live views like this? Plan your trip for the second weekend in October.


Melissa said...

That picture of the fall leaves is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Oh, it makes me miss Asheville in the fall!!! It is pretty here, but not like it is there. You are totally right!! I definitely see the resemblence. I also think it is pretty cool that they share the same middle name. Although we spell it differently...Jane. What a beautiful family you have! I think that is so cute that Ryan makes pancakes every Saturday. I hope you like the wheat ones as much as I do.

Rosie and Steve Beadle said...

Tha is beautiful!!!!!!