Saturday, October 15, 2011

Audrey's 4th Birthday

Here she is. The twinkle in our eyes. She may only be 4 but she has matured beyond her years. Audrey's birthday is September 28th.
This year we began a breakfast in bed tradition. Audrey loves nothing more than to eat breakfast with Nathan. Because she sleeps later than Nathan most days she often misses eating with him. So, we had to include Nathan in Audrey's birthday breakfast in bed.

Audrey loves Star Wars and animals. I didn't really want to give Audrey a Star Wars birthday cake before Nathan gets one so I decided on animals. My mom and Sandy had animal candy molds so we made some animal candies to decorate the cake - this is truly the extent of my craftiness and creativity.
Audrey received nearly all of her gifts early. Luckily G & G Beadle hadn't given her their gifts early so she had something to open.

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tempppo said...

Happy birthday Audrey! I loved the ducks on your cake.