Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We have arrived! We pulled into town Monday afternoon around 4:00 p.m., picked Nathan up from our friends house and before we made it home we received a phone call from a physical therapist's office asking if I could come in for an evaluation and visit. Before going home I went and had my appointment. (Apparently I have an inverted pelvic bone that is under extreme stress from being pregnant and causing the pain. We are working on turning the bone. I have exercises and streaches to do that seem to help with the pain. I am also wearing a pressure belt which enables me to walk better.

Audrey does have the BK Virus - bladder/kidney virus. We have all been exposed to it and are likely carriers; however, with a good immune system we would not nescessarily show any symptoms. Since Audrey's immune system is non existant and her platelets were low she experienced the blood in her urine and the pain that goes with that. She twice had a platelet infusion which resulted in the blood stopping and the pain was also aleviated. Even though it is a virus there are antibiotics that could help - however if she is not experiencing the symptoms it is better not to treat the virus because the drugs are toxic and can cause problems in the kidneys. On Tuesday we spent three hours in the clinic. There were several things we had to do since it had been so long since she was evaluated here. She also underwent an x-ray of her chest due to a bad cough she picked up over the weekend. The x-ray looks good. Her back is severely burnt from the proton radiation - we expected this. There is a special topical cream we put on her back twice a day until it clears up. She would normally have chemo this weekend but the radiologist wants us to wait a week to give her back a chance to recover before giving her chemo.

It was so nice coming home. Even the garage was a welcome sight. Some friends, Becky and Amaron, came over during the day and cleaned the house in preparation for our arrival. They did a phenominal job - the wood floors and stainless appliances have never looked so good. Ryan figures they spent at least four hours working!

This Friday I go to my OB appointment for my ultrasound. This Saturday will be 24 weeks. I will probably post next month some time the gender of the baby. Just kidding. After I text family I will probably come home and order the quilt I have already picked out (depending on what I find out) and then I will post to let all of my followers know! I assume I will be having a boy. See, in my family on my mom's side all of her siblings have had two boys and a girl - and it generally turns out to be boy, girl, boy - so who am I to break tradition? I do have one cousin, Max, that broke the tradition but he still went everyother: girl, boy, girl.


Steve said...

Excellent!!! We are so glad you are home and that Tonya is feeling better. You sounded better yesterday when we talked. Audrey was cute she even said she was glad to be home and in her big girl bed! I love it!

Aunt Rosie can't wait to find out what you are having. Alaina and Zachary are also excited. Alaina would of course like another little girl cousin but Zachary is hoping for another boy.

Addie M. said...

Glad you are finally home and to hear the update that Audrey is doing better!

It's funny that you updated about assuming you would have a boy, because our family tends to be two boys and a girl! I have two boys, so I'm hoping to have a girl on the third try! :D But it will be a while until we start trying again. Harley was planned, but Carter was an unexpected, however, beautiful surprise. Number 3 will hopefully be my little Grace Lynn and then I'll be done at three like so many others in our family!