Thursday, August 2, 2012


I couldn't think of what to title the post.  So I will skip it.

I shouldn't be sad that no one has looked at the blog.  I have been absent for awhile.

I feel like going out on a date.  Yup, it is Thursday at 5:07 in the afternoon but I am done for the day.  If anyone in my home sheds a single tear for the rest of the day I might physically hurt them  won't like it very much!

Would it be crazy to hire a babysitter so I can go out by myself?


Kathy said...

I still miss you should definitely go on a date with yourself! I do it quite often and always enjoy it. You can clear your head of everyday thoughts and's wonderful! Have fun!!

Karen said...

Sorry I do not leave many comments when I look at your blog.
My Mom used to tell me "Karen your kids need to be away from you just as much as you need to be away from them." When she first told me that I thought it was just a way for her to be able to have you and your brothers to her self for a while. (I totally understand that.) It is important to have a little break once in a while.
Without guilt!