Monday, June 4, 2012


Nathan has had a difficult time this year at school feeling like he fits in.  He wants to but doesn't always know how.  So we started asking him what the other kids do at recess.  He said most of the boys shoot hoops.  We encouraged him to try.  He came home from school one day completely ecstatic.  He couldn't wait to see the pride on my face when he told me he made 19 hoops at school that day.    
 I went out and bought a basketball.
The people we are renting from left the basketball hoop behind as they said it is broken.
Maybe it is broken but works great for us!
I love that he is not afraid to try something new.  He doesn't have perfect form but he is learning.


The Little Lanes said...

Go Nathan!!! Awesome you do love to watch b-ball Tonya so it could be in your future. said...

So happy for Nathan! I hope he keeps enjoying it!!

Unknown said...

Way to go Nathan. My Mom would be so excited to see you playing basketball.