Friday, April 27, 2012


After we found out that we were definitely moving we decided Ryan would leave by himself to begin work and the kids and I would follow at the end of the school year. Since then I have regretted that we did not just all move down at spring break. I have also thought that perhaps I would pack the car, take the kids and come back to move when we are scheduled. Now we are on a different plan. After a terrible day of events yesterday, I called the truck company and asked if I could move up the date. They happily accommodated without a charge! The truck arrives next week and by the weekend I will be on my way to Naples. This will give Nathan a chance to start school there and hopefully make some friends for the summer. All in all, I believe the kids will transition well. I need to get this move over with and not let it loom over us for the next five weeks and the girls desperately miss their daddy. Wish us luck and if you happen to be here and want to help, that would be fantastic.

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