Friday, April 13, 2012


This year Easter was a bit different for our family. The kids were on spring break the week before Easter. I have had planned for months that the kids and I would be in Florida for spring break. As it turned out, all of the changes in our life worked to our advantage for a vacation that included Daddy too.

We spent the week in Venice (and Naples as Ryan and I were driving back and forth for a couple of days). At the end of the week we headed to Orlando where we were joined by Rosie, Zach, Alaina and Sandy. We spent three nights at the Nickelodeon Hotel and two days in Sea World. It was a fun time and the timing helped as we were having a ton of fun and were super busy so we did not focus on the separation that was going to take place.
Imagine my surprise when I opened the hotel room door to see a beautiful sky with hot air balloons.
She was not included in coloring the eggs this year...but she didn't care.

Elysse did get to decorate a cookie though.

Okay, okay I know. I am a bit "anti mess" but the kids didn't mind at all.

One finished product that was captured before being devoured!

Once the Easter Basket was on the ground, the chocolate had no chance. Check out her cheek.

After initial disappointment with clothing in the basket Audrey discovered that she too received a chocolate bunny. She claims it is her first...
Glad to be woken up for a surprise!

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Anonymous said...

The kids have grown up so much. Glad you all had a nice easter.