Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today in Church

I arrived at church approximately 15 minutes before services began today. Ryan was out picking up someone to bring to church so I was by myself with our darling children. Audrey and Nathan were playing around and getting louder so I was forced to separate them. In doing so my attention was taken by the fact that Nathan had his shoes on the wrong feet. I informed him that they were not on the correct feet. He quickly switched them around. I looked to confirm all was right...but, there they were again, on the wrong feet. I brought his attention to it once again. "But Mom I just switched them like you said," Nathan mumbled. Upon closer inspection, it was true. He had switched his shoes; unfortunately, it did him little good as he was wearing two left shoes of different size. Here is the kicker, I brought him his shoes to put on this morning.

During the children's class the missionaries came to visit and various children were called up to pick a question off the board and ask the missionary of their choice. Luckily Audrey's name was drawn. She quickly went to the front, grabbed a question (because she cannot yet read the question was read to her in her ear) and chose the missionary she wanted to ask. "What is your favorite meal?" Audrey inquired. The primary teacher laughed as Audrey did not ask the question that she read to her, she just went ahead and asked a question she was curious about!

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