Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School Days

Audrey began school in late August at Nativity Lutheran Preschool. Her teachers are Miss Emily and Miss Riannon.
Audrey and Miss Riannon

One evening at dinner Ryan asked Audrey about school. She loves to share what she does at school. He then asked Audrey who she talked to at school - her response: "random people." He then asked who taught her to say that - her response: "Dad, I just knew it. I taught myself."

Nathan started 1st Grade at Avery's Creek Elementary.
His teacher is Miss Pearson and Mrs. Heart.

Nathan with Miss Pearson

While talking to grandparents Nathan was asked what he learned at school - his response: "I don't learn anything new at school. We are just doing kindergarten stuff and I know it all."

This week Nathan has a project to make a doll of himself as an adult looking as he will in his chosen occupation. Nathan has quite the career path ahead of him as he claims that he would like to have 11 different jobs. Audrey was listing to the conversation and said that she would like to work with animals when she is older. I said that she could be a zoologist. She agreed and then said that she would also like to be an aquariumologist.


Karen said...

They are growing up to fast.

tempppo said...

Your kids are awesome.

I love all the pictures. I can imagine Nathan looking pretty much the same in 8th grade as he looks now.