Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nathan J

Captain Rex and His Kill!

I have been wanting to post about Nathan for some time now. I have this great picture of him but I cannot post it now because of my computer issues. But maybe someday I will come back and add it. I don't know if I will ever have Nathan fully figured out.

When he is into something, he is really INTO it. His first major love - animals. Now he is a big guy and Star Wars is all the rage. Put Star Wars together with Legos and watch out, you will never get your ear back! He has all of these grand ideas about things he wants to have, things he plans to build, occasions he will have. I love his ambition but I am a realist and often point out that some of his plans are outrageous. For example, he thinks he can build a speeder this summer so he can drive out to Idaho to visit friends that recently moved. He thinks he can build a clone army. He currently thinks he is going to be the commander of the clone army next year. When I point out that these things will probably not happen he becomes upset with me. He responds, "mom, I just like to think big.". Who knows maybe he will be the next George Lucas and introduce us all to "his world.".

Nathan is also very sweet and sensitive. Last week he pushed Audrey off the counter (not the sweet or sensitive part) and was later worried that he would not make it to heaven. We then had a long conversation about repentance.

This week he has not been feeling well. It started with a sore throat and then nausea and then a raging fever. In fact, he has had a fever since Monday which is taken down by Tyleol and Motrin but it always seems to creep back up. On Monday he asked what temperature cancer starts. My heart sunk - he must constantly worry about Audrey's cancer coming back and thought he must be susceptible - he always knew our reaction of fear whenever Audrey would spike a fever. As it turns out he has an ear infection.

I love his complexity. I applaud that he is a deep thinker. I envy his creativity. I am so grateful he is mine.

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tempppo said...

That Nathan is a great kid. A guy with big ideas. Maybe he will not make a speeder to fly to Idaho, but wouldn't it be awesome if he did? Ok, not awesome if he tried to fly a speeder to Idaho at the age of 5 or 6, but in 20 years or so . . . ?