Thursday, May 5, 2011

Naming Things

I do not know where it all began but I have been naming things for quite some time. Often the things I name are alive, but there are times when I name things that aren't alive. The first thing I can remember naming was the first car I bought it was a Pontiac Sunbird sort of teal in color so I named it Tealy.

While in college my roommates and I bought a plant which we decided to name Jerry.

After I moved to Florida I named a three legged lizard - Hack. The hawk that sat in our Jacaranda tree was named Reggie.

Last year Audrey and I found a spider that lived between our window on the staircase and the screen - we named him Peter.

Ryan has a computer that sort of works, the brains work but the screen does not so I have named him Darth Vader.

Last night as I was reading a friend's blog my computer screen went funny and then went blank. All of my efforts to save it were in vain. Ryan tried to come to the rescue but nothing he did seemed to work either. Luckily Ryan is wonderful and so brilliant he had backed up all of our pictures on an online data system called Sugar Sync. I was really sad about it but that is the way technology goes- great the day you bring it home and out of date by the very next morning. I had the computer for four years. Anyway, I decided to try it again this evening, just for fun. It worked! My computer has now earned the name Lazarus.

Like I said I am not sure when I began to name things but I have fun doing it. I do not think tonight will be the last...


Ruth said...

I must have inherited the naming thing from you then because I'm still naming my plants and cars. I've even given Asher the nicknnames of "nugget" and "bug". I just can't help myself. :)

Ruth said...

Yeah, I bet you're right about the water breaking, but I'm glad she didn't because I think it helped me to not tear badly and it kept him clean. :)
I commented on this 2 days ago, but it didn't show up, but I seriously have a thing with naming things too and I don't know where it came from! I've already named Asher "Nugget" and "Bug" and call him by his nicknames more often than his real name. He's going to go to school and tell everyone that his name is "Bug" if I don't start using him proper name. :)

Bryan and Emily said...

Gosh, it is fun catching up on your family! I've been blog absent for the last month. Thanks for calling me the other day. You are so thoughtful, your bread looks amazing, and the pics of your kids are so impressive.