Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter has been my favorite holiday for quite some time now. I loved the magic of Easter as a child. I believe it helped that Easter did not come with the same "commercialism" that Christmas has and therefore there aren't the grand expectations that come with gift giving at Christmas. As a girl and still now I love the excitement of dying eggs, the egg hunt and the gift basket.

Through the years Easter has become a very spiritual holiday to me. Each day we center our life and our home around our Savior, Jesus Christ. We teach and learn about his life on Earth, his teachings, his death and most importantly his resurrection. It is only through the Atonement that we are given the greatest blessing, eternal life.

In church one of my favorite guys, Grant Hardy, conducted a portion of our sacrament meeting. He related his thought that Christmas is a children's holiday but Easter is an adult holiday. I have thought a lot about what he said and I must say that I agree. It is as if we grow into the Easter holiday as we study and more fully understand the Atonement. As he conducted he changed the last hymn and asked everyone in the congregation to stand and sing together. It was powerful, the Spirit was felt and I was touched.

I love having children to share the fun of Easter and each year as they grow older I believe I will also see a transition in them as their understanding deepens.

Anyway, enough of my emotion and on to the pictures!!!
Nathan found the recipe for Bunnie Buns in the Friend magazine. The recipe was first published in 1980. Nathan was so excited about it he talked about it for weeks - and sent the recipe to Aunt Rosie!

The hunt.
In pursuit.
Checking to see what kind of loot the eggs held.
Reading instructions to Star Wars Guess Who.
Happy to be outside.
Little Ham.
Just "hanging out" after a diaper change.
Finding those hidden eggs.
A week ago Audrey said, "I hope, I hope I get bubbles for Easter."
Audrey showing off her skills with her Easter mitt. Check out how she has her hand ready to slap on top of that ball. She learns very quickly. She is athletic and it comes naturally to her.


Carrie said...

I love the navy blue Easter dresses! I am glad you all had a wonderful Easter. :) We are going to come up to Asheville and visit some time I swear!

maureen6545@gmail.com said...

Good bonding time with Dad! Something I love to see.

Karen said...

Grandma Brace and I sent some time this morning looking ato you posts. We both enjoyed seeing what your family has been up to.