Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Figure of Speech

Audrey and Elysse have been sick this week. After 24+ hours of fevers for both girls and Audrey throwing up two nights in a row (because of fever) I decided I needed to take them in, even if I was just going to be told it is something viral. I want a doctor to tell me to to give the kids Tylenol beyond the 24 hour period.

Anyway, I was getting the kids in the car early in the morning trying to get Nathan to school and then drive to the open clinic time. I was having a hard time remembering everything I might need for the day. I stood outside the car, with all of the kids in it, trying to think if there was anything else I needed and said, "Oh, I think I lost my head."

Audrey immediately said, "No you didn't it is right there."

After we arrived to the office she brought it up again and asked if I was just kidding about losing my head. We had a little talk about "figures of speech." She said that she didn't understand and then went about her business.

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HatchFamily said...

That's hillarious! the part about losing your head, not about being sick. I hope they are feeling better.